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These 7 Must-Have Features Will Make Your Small Business Website Irresistible

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

These 7 Must-Have Features Will Make Your Small Business Website Irresistible - Digital Soda Website Design & Digital Marketing
Nearly as irresistible as this cute dog

If you’re a small business owner, having an effective website is absolutely crucial for attracting customers and driving growth in today’s digital world.

But what actually makes for an effective small business website that converts visitors into leads and sales?

There are certain must-have features and functionalities that the top-performing small business websites all tend to have in common.

In this post, I’ll explore the 7 essential ingredients your small business website needs to go from ordinary to extraordinary. Read on to learn how to create a site visitors won’t be able to resist!

1. A Clear Value Proposition

Your website should make it immediately obvious who you serve, what problems you solve, and why visitors should choose you over competitors. That means prominently featuring a compelling value proposition.

This usually takes the form of a headline and supporting paragraph prominently displayed in the banner or hero area. It should address the visitor’s needs and highlight your key differentiators.

For example, a mobile pet grooming service could use: “At-Home Pet Grooming for Busy Local Pet Parents - We Bring the Pampering To You!”

A strong value prop makes a powerful first impression.

2. Well-Crafted Page Content

Every page's content must provide value to visitors to keep them engaged as they navigate your site. Follow proven content best practices:

  • Use reader-focused headlines and subheads

  • Break up text with lists, images, pull quotes and whitespace

  • Include relevant stats, social proof, and examples

  • Link to related content for easy navigation

  • Answer common questions and objections

Well-structured page content keeps visitors reading longer to learn more about your offerings.

3. Prominent Calls-To-Action

Calls-to-action (CTAs) prompt visitors to convert, like “Start Your Free Trial” or “Book Now.” Without enough CTAs, visitors won’t know what action to take next.

  • Include clickable CTAs in multiple places like headers, page content sections, sidebars, popups, and footers.

  • Use contrasting colours and sizes to make CTAs stand out.

  • Tailor button copy and destinations to each page's intent.

Strategically placed CTAs guide visitors seamlessly through conversion funnels.

4. Striking Visuals and Graphics

21st-century web visitors have a very low attention span. Make your content more scannable and memorable by incorporating:

  • High-quality photos showcasing products, services, company culture, etc.

  • Charts/graphs to visualize data and stats

  • Infographics that inform and engage readers

  • Captivating background images and graphics

Visuals break up text-heavy pages and drive up engagement.

5. Strong Calls-To-Action

Speed is everything when it comes to web conversion rates. Your website should load lightning fast to keep visitors from abandoning your site.

  • Minimize large image file sizes

  • Compress and optimise code

  • Use caching technologies

  • Limit third-party scripts

  • Upgrade to faster web hosting

Quick page load times reinforce a positive user experience.

6. A Prominent Contact Form

Contact forms make it easy for prospects to get in touch and convert into leads. Make yours highly visible:

  • Place contact forms prominently on key pages like “Contact Us.”

  • Use contrasting colours/sizes so they stand out.

  • Limit required fields to essentials like name, email, message.

  • Send an auto-confirmation email to improve response rates.

Well-designed contact forms drive more qualified leads.

7. Social Proof and Reviews

78% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Social proof like reviews and testimonials increases site conversions by providing external validation.

  • Show star ratings prominently if you have them.

  • Embed positive review quotes from survey sites and Google.

  • Share case studies demonstrating customer success stories.

Visitor confidence soars when they see real experiences from past customers.

Bringing It All Together

So there you have it - the 7 essential ingredients for creating a results-driven small business website that converts visitors into leads and sales.

It may seem like a lot to juggle at first. But don't worry - with some strategic planning and expert help, you can absolutely build an effective site tailored to your unique business goals and ideal customers.

The key is keeping the focus on educating and convincing visitors that your company offers the perfect solution to their needs. Treat your website as your digital salesperson - it should inform, inspire action, and instil confidence every step of the way.

If you're ready to create a website that acts as a 24/7 selling machine for your small business, then let's chat! I offer customised website design services to help small businesses just like yours thrive online.

My personal and strategic approach ensures we design a site that achieves your specific business objectives and wows your audience.

Don't settle for a just "okay" site - let's build one that fuels real results!

Contact me today and let's get started amplifying your small business success. The first step begins now!


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