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Skyrocket Your Facebook Likes: 6 Top Tips for Small Business Owners

Skyrocket Your Facebook Likes: Top Tips for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, you know gaining organic reach and engagement on Facebook is harder than ever these days. With algorithm changes deprioritizing brand content, and declining organic visibility, standing out in the News Feed can be a struggle.

However, while the Facebook playing field has certainly changed, there are still proven tactics you can use to amplify engagement as a small brand.

In this post, I’ll explore several ways to boost Facebook engagement as a small business on a budget.

1. Optimize Your Content

Optimizing your actual content is the first step to improving visibility and engagement. The foundation of improving performance is optimising the content itself for maximum engagement.

Focus on Value and Entertainment

Start by identifying what types of posts your audience responds to best. For most brands, that often includes posts that provide real value like tips or how-tos as well as entertaining behind the scenes footage or images. Your content should aim to be helpful, offer value, entertain or convey your brand personality. Useful tips, behind-the-scenes looks, and humour tend to resonate best.

Improve Readability

Also consider creative ways to improve general content presentation and readability. Break up dense paragraphs with line breaks, bullet points and subtitles. Embed relevant images and graphics throughout posts. Caption all images. Strategically use emojis to convey tone. Asking questions and including polls also encourages commenting.

Use Strategic Hashtags

Research relevant hashtags your audience uses and incorporate applicable ones in posts to help them surface beyond just your existing followers. But don’t overdo it on the hashtags.

2. Leverage Facebook Insights

Dive into your Page Insights to analyze your existing content performance and identify tactics working well.

Determine Your Best Post Types

Look at respective engagement rates on video posts versus image posts, links versus text-only statuses. This can indicate what content formats your audience best responds to so you can continue focusing efforts there.

Find Your Top Times to Post

You can also analyze when your followers tend to be most active on Facebook based on prior engagement. Use this intelligence to plan when to schedule certain posts for optimal visibility.

See What Content Resonates

And closely watch which specific topics, angles and types of posts generate the most reach and engagement over time. Double down on what already works while experimenting with new ideas in smaller doses.

3. Go Live Frequently

Live video still receives significant reach and visibility in the Facebook algorithm. It’s a valuable tool, especially for small businesses with limited followings and promotion budgets.

Share Business Updates or Q&As

Stream live videos that take your audience behind the scenes of your business operations, product offerings, events and more. You can also answer questions in real-time through live Q&As.

Collaborate with Other Businesses

When possible, go live in collaboration with strategic partners to introduce each other’s audiences to new brands and expand reach.

Repurpose Live Footage

And be sure to later download and reuse short engaging clips from your broadcasts as standalone videos on your page. Repurposing expands the value.

4. Run Targeted Contests and Giveaways

Contests are inherently engaging, providing followers incentive to actively participate for a chance to win something. The more they interact, the more visibility you gain.

Partner Up for Bigger Prizes

Offer prizes that tie into your products or services when possible. To provide bigger prizes, you can team up with non-competing but complementary brands.

Link Entry to Engagement

Structure the rules so that liking, commenting, sharing and other actions are required for entry to maximize exposure. And heavily promote both before the contest to build buzz and after to announce the winner.

5. Leverage Influencers and Employees

Having third-parties like influencers and your own employees share your Facebook content expands reach to new networks.

Arrange Influencer Partnerships

Loan products to relevant micro-influencers in exchange for organic sponsored posts showcasing your business. Or offer to pay influencers with smaller but targeted followings for collaborative content.

Repost User-Generated Content

Repost great user-generated content like positive customer comments, photos and reviews (with their consent first).

Encourage Internal Sharing

Prompt your employees to share Facebook content to their personal follower bases to tap into these existing networks.

6. Run Small, Targeted Ad Campaigns

While organic should be your main focus, small ad spends can further amplify with total control over targeting.

Use precise targeting features to get your content in front of your most engaged existing followers and similar “lookalike” audiences. Start with just £2-5 per day while testing effectiveness.

Improved Visibility and Engagement is Possible!

It takes consistent effort, but implementing tactics like optimized content, strategic posting, contests, influencer partnerships, and small paid campaigns adds up to improved Facebook reach for small brands.

The more likes, shares, and comments you accumulate, the more visibility you gain on this powerful platform. Focus on driving quality engagement over vanity metrics. And be patient. Improved reach requires sustaining these tactics over time.

Let me know if you need help executing any of these Facebook best practices for your small business!


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