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Bringing Davies Tractors into the Digital Age with a New Ecommerce Website

Davies Tractors Northumberland
A fresh new design for Davies Tractors with video hero

Davies Tractors has been a leading agricultural equipment provider in the UK since 2006, supplying high-quality machinery, Polaris UTVs, weed control solutions, and more to clients both regionally and nationally. However, their previous website was slightly outdated and lacked e-commerce capabilities to meet the needs of today's digital world.

To modernise their online presence, I built on the Wix platform, integrating robust e-commerce functionalities and a seamless user experience.

The old Davies Tractors website
The old Davies Tractors website

Introducing Davies Tractors

For many years, Davies Tractors has provided agricultural vehicles, machinery, parts, and service to customers throughout the UK.

With extensive industry expertise and partnerships with brands such as Polaris and Chapman Machinery, Davies Tractors supplies the latest equipment to help farmers succeed. They also operate a service centre for maintenance and repairs.

Building the new website on Wix

To showcase Davies Tractors' products and capabilities, I custom-designed the new website using Wix, a leading web development platform. This enabled me to create a modern, mobile-responsive website optimised for lead generation and e-commerce sales.

Key features of the new Wix site include:

  • Contemporary design reflecting their brand

  • Responsive layout looks great on all devices

  • Robust product catalogue with category pages

  • Integrated CRM system to manage leads

  • Powerful e-commerce functionality like shopping cart flows

  • Dynamic inventory and pricing from their backend CRM

  • Secure online payment processing

  • SEO-optimised copy, metadata, URLs.

The result is a user-friendly website that reinforces the Davies Tractors brand while acting as a portal for customers to learn about, purchase, and support the equipment they need.

Turbocharging E-commerce

A major focus was implementing a fully-featured e-commerce system that was lacking on their old website. The new Wix store empowers customers to purchase tractors, parts, and accessories directly online.

This included setting up:

  • Digital product catalogue connected to their inventory

  • Shopping cart and checkout process

  • Ability to generate sales quotes

  • Integration with payment gateways

  • Sales order management and reporting

These robust e-commerce capabilities present a huge opportunity for Davies Tractors to grow their business as customers increasingly expect the ability to purchase online.

Bring Your Brand into the Digital Age

Like Davies Tractors, many distributors and dealerships are missing out on online sales and digital growth by relying on outdated websites. By partnering with me at Digital Soda to build modern, conversion-focused websites integrated with your backend systems, you can unlock new revenue channels and dramatically improve efficiency.

Contact me today to discuss bringing your dealership or equipment business fully into the digital age.


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