Gorilla Glass 2 promises thinner mobile device screens

Gorilla Glass 2 promises thinner mobile device screens

Thursday, 12 January 2012
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At a trade show designed to celebrate gadgets, it may seem odd that Corning, a 161-year-old materials-based firm, is attracting more excitement than most.

However, the New York-based manufacturer's Gorilla Glass is firmly centre stage at this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Hewlett Packard caused a splash when it unveiled a thin ultrabook using the material for its lid and palm rest, rather than aluminium or plastic. It boasted that the choice made its laptop scratch-proof.

But what is really drawing attention is an announcement that Gorilla Glass 2 is on the way.

Thinner screens


Corning says that its reformulation has made its product tougher.

It says that means that manufacturers now have the choice of developing more robust devices or using screens 20% less thick than before, but with the same resistance.

At a time when tablet, laptop and smartphone manufacturers are competing to shave off every millimetre they can, Corning admits that the second of the two options is likely to prove the most popular.

It adds that as an extra benefit, display images should become brighter and touch sensitivity should be improved.


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